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Cannabis in Flight

Coming soon to an airport near you?

Northstar Organics cannabis in airports flight attendant in red uniform

Airport anxiety addressed

Are you a nervous air traveler? Do you belly up the airport bars before taking flight? Would you rather not fill up on libations to calm your anxiety?

Airport trends have epically evolved since the early 60s and 70s when air travel was a grand event, and we donned our Sunday best to board a plane. Casual attire is the new standard, free food is a past luxury, and cocktails are expensive in-flight.

Just another travel amenity

While the history of airport amenities was slow to evolve, today's indisputable fact is the diversity of options. Add to that (in Canada so far) cannabis dispensaries. Imagine while you wait at your gate - buy a book, stop at the duty-free counter for a bottle of bad cologne, and pick up a pack of edibles at the terminal dispensary!

Sometimes when writing our cannabis blogs, we really can't say it better than the folks at MJBiz Daily!


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