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Big Sky 

Top Tier Montana Cannabis Products

We're all about championing local Montana cannabis businesses to keep our state's vibrant cannabis culture alive and thriving! Northstar Organics not only provides our exclusive selection but is in collaboration with Montana's top cannabis providers to offer you supreme quality products and strains; Northstar Organics is your one-stop shop. Check out our trusted partners below or visit us in our West Yellowstone, Montana, location to consult with our team of budtenders about our unique cannabis offerings!

Montana mountains with cloud cover on an autumn day
Bevvies THC Cocktails

Bevvies THC Cocktails

Savor the Freshness of 100% Fruit Juice THC Cocktails from Bevvies. Enjoy the convenience of eco-friendly multi-dose bottles on your outdoor adventures!

Big Sky Buds Cannabis

Big Sky Buds

Big Sky Buds is dedicated to crafting cannabis excellence, with a six-year commitment to refining organic cultivation methods to achieve exceptional flavor. 

The Hi-Line Co. Cannabis

The Hi-Line Co.

The Hi-Line Co. is much more than just a storefront on a street. It is a company founded in Montana by real, local Montanans. That’s why they call it “a real Montana brand” because it is.

Huckleberry Farms Cannabis

Huckleberry Farms

Huckleberry Farms is committed to the art of crafting cannabis excellence,  characterized by outstanding hits, delightful flavor, and unparalleled smoothness.

In The Trees Industries Cannabis

In The Trees Industries

In The Trees specializes in a wide range of popular strains, with a focus on carefully timed harvests to offer the freshest and highest-quality products. 

Natural Wellness Cannabis

Natural Wellness 

Natural Wellness crafts concentrates, edibles, and topicals to enhance nature's unfiltered healing properties, providing natural nourishment homemade in Montana.

Think Higher Cannabis

Think Higher 

Think Higher is dedicated to helping customers find personalized products, offering a wide range of items, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and more.

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Based in Missoula, Lockwood, and Billings, Montana, Frosteez redefines the modern cannabis industry. Their amazing gummies and various concentrates are carried by us.


Smokiez Gummies

Since 2010 when the Wright family founded Smokiez Edibles & opened their first dispensary in Colorado, Smokiez has been making waves with its vegan edibles recipe & killer customer service



Operating locally in Bozeman, Montana, we carry flower options including Icebox Pie, Crescendo, Big Smooth, and Bluedream! 

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The Clear Cannabis Logo

The Clear  

The Clear™ takes pride in its status as one of the pioneering cannabis brands and a leading figure in the industry. Established in 2013 by a group of California-based scientists, the brand introduced molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market. 

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Dancing Goat Gardens

Dancing Goat Gardens cultivates farm-to-table cannabis grown as naturally as plants can be, under the sun and cultivated using regenerative farming practices. 


High Road Edibles

High Road Edibles was founded with the mission of creating products featuring consistent dosing and exceptional taste. Catering to various cannabis lifestyles, their confections are perfect for outdoor adventures . 

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Supherb Wellness

Supherb Wellness is locally owned and operated in Bozeman, Montana. They offer unique strains of flower and we carry them! 


Canna of Eden

As a retailer and wholesaler of CBD and other cannabinoids, they also provide white-label services. Their products undergo verification testing by cannabis labs in Montana, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

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